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Len Lye – Free Radicals

Len Lye (1901 – 1980) pursued a passion for experimentation and for creating new form throughout his whole career. His multifaceted practice included kinetic sculpture, photography, painting and poetry in addition to film making with and without a camera. He was one of the first non-Maori (Pākehā) artists from New Zealand to appreciate the art of Maori, Australian Aboriginal, Pacific Island and African cultures, which he incorporated into his own expression.

From Between Bridges

This short video is on display at the Tate Liverpools DLA Piper Series: Constellations.

The video captured my imagination in a big way, the movement of the shapes against the mono black background was reminiscent of people dancing.

The way that just those abstract lines moved, and the way they were dynamically synced to the percussion of the soundtrack was so impressive, the screen came alive with just flickers of white. It is almost possible to visualize the people dancing as shapes over the dynamic lines.