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You can call me Al. Most people do, and theres a cool song about it!

Born on an apparently normal day in 1982 in the Beautiful town of Basildon! (well it's not my fault) I graduated from the North Wales School of Art & Design after gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree in Design Communication in 2014, after spending 10 years Rocking out on Guitar having played in bands in the UK and France.

I'm a designer, I dont want to pigeon hole myself, as 'Graphic Designer'. My favourtie types of work are Print Design such as Posters especially if there is some screen printing involved! I also work in front end web design and development, I can code in HTML5, CSS3 a bit of SCSS and a touch of Javascript.

I really enjoy interactive projects, in particular using Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create embedded experiences.

My passion is in working for Non-Profit Organizations, and I am very passionate about Social Equality, the Environment and Ecology. I'm researching for my Masters, my interest is in Sustainable Design - helping to change perceptions and understanding how we can look after each other and the planet.

If you have a project that involves any of that, give me a shout!

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My Achievements

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1st Class Honours B.A Design Communication at the North Wales School of Art & Design
Mad Hen Award
Mad Hen Deisgn Awards
Arts Thread
Arts Thread Featured Graphic Designer New Designers Exhibition 2014

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You can contact me by any of the below methods:

Phone: 07800 926 739

Skype: alex.johnson132